Calgary homeowners with a 25-year-old split level recently came to Renovations by Hearth and Home with the desire to renovate and integrate “green” solutions into their project. With the help of our design and construction teams – these clients were able to incorporate environmentally friendly products into their luxury remodel.


Low or No VOC Materials

Many of the materials chosen for this renovation include low or no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Volatile organic compounds are carbon-containing substances that easily become vapours or gases and are not only bad for the environment but also your health. VOCs can be released from finishes in paints or lacquers or in construction materials like composite wood products, caulking and sealants. Once thought to be low preforming compared to their counterparts, low VOC products have now improved dramatically with little upward affect on price.

The team at Renovations by Hearth and Home sourced low or no-VOC materials for this kitchen, laundry and ensuite renovation.  Low VOC paints and low VOC sealants were used for the project’s new kitchen windows and patio doors.

Sustainable Finishes

The focal point of our client’s newly renovated kitchen is a walnut butcher-block island. Not only does this product look stunning, but it’s sustainably farmed and, thus, eco-friendly. Renovations by Hearth and Home continues partnering with industry suppliers offering products that are both green and gorgeous! The remaining countertops in this renovation are low radon emitting quartzite. Today, our partners provide certified low radon emitting solid surfaces including natural stone and man-made materials. If you’re concerned about the counters in your home emitting radon, a simple do-it-yourself test can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Plumbing fixtures

Plumbing fixtures are an easy eco-friendly change for any homeowner, whether renovating or not. Our homeowner opted for low-flow and on-demand plumbing fixtures to reduce both water usage and utility costs. “We chose on-trend matte black faucets from Brizo for our client’s ensuite renovation,” says designer Dana George. “We never felt we were sacrificing style by satisfying our clients’ desire for green solutions.” Low-flow technology is also incorporated in the ensuite shower head and toilet.

High-Efficiency Windows and Patio Doors

One of the major highlights of this renovation was the installation of new patio doors and a beautiful garden window over the sink. Both provide the kitchen with much-needed natural light. Windows and doors can be a major source of heat loss, especially by those more than two decades old. Our clients’ new patio door and kitchen window now meet the Energy Star standards that will lower their energy costs, reduce the chance of condensation and muffle any outside noise.

High-Efficiency, Direct-Vent Furnace

The final piece our client added to their green renovation was a high-efficiency, direct-vent furnace. The efficiency rating of today’s furnaces can be more than 90 percent – a marked improvement over furnaces from 20 years ago. These units are not only eco-friendly but economical, significantly reducing energy costs month over month. This particular model features an easy-to-use digital control panel.


In the end, choosing to renovate with the environment in mind means you’ll be helping the planet and saving money long-term. Call Renovations by Hearth and Home today to see how to go both “friendly” and fabulous in your upcoming renovation.