We have had the pleasure of working alongside while providing our painting and finishing services to Hearth & Home for the last few years. We cannot say enough about the quality of the people that we interact with at Hearth & Home, starting with Tim (General Manager), Barb (Design Manager), Karoline (Office Manager), all of their in-house team, both off and on site, and fellow trade partners. The business atmosphere fostered is admirable and their desire to please their clientele is evidenced by the value that is placed upon high quality workmanship and the appreciation expressed for upstanding character in their trade partners.

While no project is without it’s little bumps and hiccups, when these occur, it has been our experience that Hearth & Home addresses these with open communication, proactive decision making and prompt action to maintain the flow of work and project schedules.

Often times, being one of the last trade partners on site, we have many opportunities to interact with homeowners that have elected to have Hearth & Home complete their renovation. Their comments almost invariably start with how happy and comfortable they are with the people they have had dealings with at Hearth & Home and finalizes with their contentment and satisfaction with the finished project.

We are pleased to be one of Hearth & Home’s preferred trade partners.

Grant Macdonald
Ambiance Coatings & Finishes Inc