Bathroom Renovators Calgary | The first steam showers hit the market several decades ago, and back then they were simply a way to disperse humidified water vapor coupled with regular features of a standard shower.  In recent ensuite and bathroom renovations, Renovations by Hearth and Home has installed steam showers with far more features than the original steam dispersal systems.  We are excited to have partner product lines that offer the following features.


Steam shower companies are now combining all the health benefits of steam with those of aromatherapy, or essential oil therapy. Steam showerheads can now include oil wells where you can manually add drops of essential oil.  Other, more luxurious models have large canisters that will automatically disperse essential oils.  In these models, you can simply control your aroma steam selection from inside your shower.   There are numerous scents to choose from, each with their own desired effect.  For example, eucalyptus can be used for decongestion or lavender for relaxation.  There are many benefits to using essential oils and these will depend on the type of oil utilized.


The essence of chromotherapy is using coloured lighting in conjunction with the shower’s water stream and steam to offset the moments of stress and assist with relaxation.  Research has shown that colours in our environment can affect our metabolism, immune and nervous systems.  Renovations by Hearth and Home has installed singular chromotherapy showerheads through to luxury steam showers with multiple colour effects in the steam of the shower. Chromotherapy has become very popular with wellness spas and is now available in your home.

Sound Therapy

And to take your home spa to another level, we can combine steam and music in your steam shower. Technology in shower sound therapy has developed leaps and bounds over the last few years. A recent installation into a homeowner’s ensuite included blue-tooth speakers that were hidden behind the shower’s granite walls. There is also a more moderately priced water-resistant speaker system that can either be run through an app on your phone or through an input jack wired for audio.  Adding relaxing audio or something ‘more,’ to get your day started is just another sensory add-on in today’s steam showers.

In addition to the availability of these steam shower features, it is worth noting that the overall technology of steam showers has also come a long way. Many steam shower generators are self-cleaning with no need for manual flushing. Advanced technology also means that steam can be delivered in less than a minute.

If you are interested in more information, or would like to add a complete steam shower experience to your bathroom renovation, call Renovations by Hearth and Home today for your free consultation.