Calgary Deck Builders | As the “inside-out” trend continues, homeowners are turning to renovation experts to transform decks into comfortable, multifunctional and beautiful “rooms” or extensions to their houses.  As a result, renovators are upping their games to locate and incorporate the latest outdoor features that look and feel as good as those used inside.  Here are some of the top trending features you’ll see this summer:

Composite Wood Decking
The beauty of wood – without the hassles.  Composite decking planks come in a variety of widths, lengths, colours and patterns and are installed on a pressure-treated lumber subfloor.  Many of today’s composite options look more like genuine wood than ever before.  They are, however, typically lower maintenance, less expensive and lighter weight than their wood counterparts.  From a design perspective, the planks are now being installed in creative ways that mimic interior installations – including herringbone, chevron and diagonal patterns.

Topping it off… topping off composite decking with gorgeous, weather-resistant area rugs helps create that comfy, indoor feel.  Plus, it helps define the space and ground the furniture.

Ceiling Treatments
Deck ceilings have you covered (literally), extending deck use longer through the year.  While plywood remains a ceiling material of choice, more creative options are making their way from the indoors – out.  Among today’s trends are ship lap, beadboard, and retractable metal louvres.

Keeping it light… adding a chandelier, pot lights and skylights to the ceiling brighten the space and promote that “homey” feel.

Railings have never been simpler, sleeker or more contemporary.  Seamless glass, cable and preassembled aluminum railings will continue gaining traction.  Cocktail rails and continuous top rails will also increase in popularity.

Outdoor Kitchens
Move over BBQ grill and make way for the outdoor kitchen.  That’s right – a secondary kitchen featuring pizza oven, small oven, small stovetop, free-standing hood, smoker, griddle and – oh, yes – a BBQ.  Today’s BBQ comes complete with warming rack, rotisserie, griddle, side burner, smoker box and multiple fuel types.  And let’s not forget the beverages.  Here, homeowners are looking for a dedicated bar area with ice maker, kegerator, taps, wine storage and refrigerator drawers.  The cabinet package designed to incorporate such goodies can be stainless steel.  Or, for those looking for a more transitional aesthetic, the stainless can be powder coated to look like wood, including a realistic grain pattern.

Fire Features
Fire pits – whether steel, aluminum, copper or concrete – and fireplaces continue to be two of the “hottest” fire features this year.  And gaining popularity this year are kadai bowls (repurposed cooking bowls from India), chimineas and fire tables.

Doing Double-Duty…. Selecting a lidded fire pit means it can also serve as an accent table.  And adding a floating bench to a fireplace design means extra seating.

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