Calgary Epoxy | Just when you thought carpet was the only flooring to harbour germs – think again. That tile – with its chipped and stained cement grout – may not only look unsightly but serve as yet another bacteria breeding ground!

Because cement grout is comprised of a porous powder mixture, it easily absorbs moisture, dirt and other outside elements – particularly if installed or sealed incorrectly. In turn, this porosity can cause staining and even allows mold and mildew to settle in. But are there reasonable alternatives? Absolutely! And given today’s desire for cleaner (and more germ-free environments), here’s one to consider – epoxy.

Made from resins and a filler powder, epoxy grout is extremely non-porous and stain-proof. Its greater bond strength makes it far more durable than cement grout and far more resistant to chips, cracks, chemicals, harsh weather conditions and climate changes. As importantly, it’s lower maintenance – no sealing required. And – from a design perspective – it comes in a variety of colors and even glitter options, for added sparkle.

For these reasons, epoxy is moving from residential use primarily in bathrooms to use wherever tile is installed. Provided the budget allows (it’s roughly three to five times more expensive than cement) and the installer has product experience (it’s not as easy to manipulate), epoxy is a clearly superior product and one you might seriously consider.

Did You Know…

The Renovations by Hearth and Home team is expert at tile installation using epoxy grout. They can help you decide when and where to use it, and ensure it’s applied to last a lifetime!