Calgary Home Renovating | They say the only way to do good work is to love what you do. To that, I would add it doesn’t hurt to love where you do it – particularly if you work from home. Whether a room, a nook, a closet, a corner – it’s not so much the space (or lack, thereof), but how it’s appointed that can help you do good work. Now – more than ever before – our home offices should be outfitted to promote health, well-being and productivity. Here are a few suggestions designed to help you make the most of your home-office space:

Desk – Your desk should promote organization with storage drawers and adjustable shelving behind closed doors. If you have a “saw-horse” or sit/stand desk with no (or minimal) drawers/doors, a stand-alone cabinet (some on casters) will help keep you organized. As for the desktop, ideally it provides ample surface for your electronics, the day’s work files and task lighting (if needed). Oh, and try limiting the trinkets. Nothing feels better than walking into a clutter-free work environment!

Chair – Of course, an ergonomic office chair with adjustable features can help you customize your chair for ultimate comfort. While it’s tempting to order online – “sit” unseen, confirm beforehand the chair is returnable if it doesn’t pass the sit test. Otherwise, buy locally – many retailers will price-match your online options.

Lights – Ideally, your home office features ample hard-wired lighting on dimmers. If not, task, table and floor lighting can help illuminate the space.

The Extras – Little luxuries, including artwork and framed photos on walls and in bookcases, personalize your space and offer a mental respite as you work. Obviously, a bookcase or credenza can also provide additional storage for books, papers and decorative accessories. Be mindful, however, that a bookcase can become a catchall for items that should otherwise be purged!

Here’s a look at one of Renovations by Hearth and Home’s latest remodel reveals. While it looks like an unassuming kitchen eating area, it doubles as our client’s home office. The expansive “desk” surface accommodates her electronics and files. At the end of the day, everything stores neatly in cabinets on the kitchen island’s back side. Additional pot lights, as well as the over-sized window, shed plenty of light. Artwork behind the banquette and accent pieces in a nearby bookcase personalize the space, making it warm and welcoming.

Did you know….

Renovations by Hearth and Home isn’t finished when the remodel is done. We can furnish your new space with these and many other desks, chairs, bookcases, credenzas and art. Call us for more information on our interior design services.