Countertops Calgary | When planning a home renovation, there are many important considerations and decisions that need to be made. One of the more important ones is choosing a countertop, and wading through the countless options and settling on the best one for your home renovation can be daunting. The countertop is an essential component and a primary foundation for any kitchen renovation. It is a strong component that will help anchor the tone and feel of the whole space so its importance shouldn’t be minimized. Having the right information and expert feedback about all the options are essential for making the correct choices. Renovations by Hearth and Home has the expertise to guide homeowners through that decision process and help to choose the right product for the right application and aesthetic for your home renovation.

The options for countertops have grown substantially but here are some of the perennial favourites.

Granite is a natural stone, and every slab that is selected is completely unique.  The beauty of this material comes from the colours and the movement in the product.  One of the key characteristics of granite is its durability. Granite has a strength and heat resistance that other products do not.  It is important to follow manufacturers guidelines however, as some granites are different than others, based on their origins.

Granite does require maintenance because it’s a porous material, which means you will need to tend to spills, use a cutting board, avoid dropping heavy objects on them and seal the surface yearly.  It’s also the ‘cadillac’ of countertops, in that it is often very expensive.

Marble is the countertop of choice when premium luxury is desired. Marble, like granite, is also a natural stone. There are many variations of this material based on veining or colouration.  So, like granite, when you choose a marble slab it will be one of a kind.  It is also resistant to heat, and very durable when cared for properly.

Marble is also porous and needs to be cleaned and sealed, as with granite. It will chip or scratch, easier than granite. It will often be the most expensive of your countertop selections.

Quartz has quickly taken over the market share of countertops.  Quartz is an engineered product and many such products are being designed to resemble slabs of natural stones. The majority of the product is natural quartz, but there is the addition of colours and binders. Quartz counters are available in a number of finishes and colours.  If you are looking for a particular colour for your renovation, then quartz may be the material for you.  Quartz isn’t heat resistant but its durability and easy maintenance make it a very popular choice

One of the newcomers to the home renovation market is Dekton.  This product looks like quartz but is heat proof. It does not stain and is scratch resistant.  It’s a blend of quartz, porcelain and glass. There is currently a limited colour palette, but it is a gorgeous product and we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before the product line expands.

So when choosing a countertop, be sure to find the material that fits not only within your budget but also with your lifestyle.  Our Calgary based Renovations by Hearth and Home Design team will help you make the best selection to suit your home. Using a professional is key and will ensure proper installation, as well as offer a great warranty, saving you from possible future headaches. Renovations by Hearth and Home has the relationships with trade professionals to ensure proper counter selection and installation for your renovation.

In short, renovations do not need to be full of stressful and confusing decisions.  Let the team at Renovations by Hearth and Home help guide you through the maze of home renovation decisions and make your project more enjoyable.

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-The Renovations by Hearth and Home Team-