Renovations by Hearth and Home Wins the SAM Award for the 2016 Best Basement Renovation

Renovations by Hearth and Home is honoured to be named a finalist for two SAM Awards again this year, and given the excellent quality of all the entries in 2016, we are especially proud of our award-winning project in Bearspaw. It was a tremendous year for quality and workmanship and we want to congratulate all the participants, nominees and winners in this year’s SAM Awards.

Dedication to Quality Is What Drives Us

For over thirty years Hearth and Home has been dedicated to building a legacy of quality and service. We have always strived to deliver what is best for our clients, the best quality, the best value, the best experience and the best service. We have built a culture where every member of the Hearth & Home family knows that the success of our company comes from our adherence to these principles. We are always guided by this and when we bring any new member into our team, they don’t just need to be the most qualified people available, they must also believe in our philosophy of always putting the customer first, of always doing what is right and always placing the emphasis on the finished product and customer experience ahead of the profit line. It is that dedication to quality that defines Hearth and Home.

Same Company, Same Quality, Expanded Services

In 2011 when we decided to expand our renovation services, we wanted to make absolutely sure that our core philosophy of always providing the very best would not diminish and that our level of customer care and dedication to improving Calgary communities would remain at the same high standard it has always been. When we started building our renovation team, we didn’t just look for people experienced in home renovations, we built a team with decades of expertise in the Calgary home renovations industry, people that understand that the smallest of details and nuances is what makes the difference between the average and the exceptional. We have always prided ourselves on the quality and dedication of all our team members, whether they are part of our Leadership Team, our Fireplace Division, our Service Division or our Wholesale and Distribution Division, we have always insisted on the best and it is that standard which we used as a measurement to build the Renovation by Hearth and Home Division. When we look at the people that make up the Hearth & Home family, we know our legacy continues on and is very much, alive and thriving.

Calgary Custom Home Renovations – Our Commitment

Being nominated for and winning awards is gratifying; it shows the skill, dedication and consistency of a company. Being recognized as the best at what you do by your peers is truly an honour, but it is not the goal. It is simply an indicator that what we do, we do well. It means your home is safe with us. When a client places the care of their home in our hands we understand how much excitement and hope accompanies that. It’s more than their home that we will care for, it’s their trust and dreams as well. That responsibility is sacrosanct and the quality of our projects, all of them – regardless of size, budget and complexity – receive our complete dedication to design, planning, customer experience and quality. That’s the commitment we made over 30 years ago, it’s the commitment we continue to live by, and it’s a commitment you can trust.

Please contact one of our team members for all of your home renovation needs.

– Jason, Lansing and Preston Meyer