Home Remodelling Calgary | If you ask a typical HGTV enthusiast what they love most about their favourite renovation series, they’ll likely tell you, “the reveal.” It’s when the homeowners walk into their newly remodeled space and marvel at the transformation.

As an HGTV fan myself, I can relate. The homeowners tentatively open the front door, peek inside and gasp in disbelief at the changes. But what they see is never just the reconstruction – the walls removed; windows, doors and floors replaced; cabinetry reconfigured, plumbing and lighting reimagined. They also see the furniture, window treatments, area rugs, artwork and accessories. The total remodel package. I’m certain showing anything less would be a big disappointment.

That’s why I encourage you to plan beyond your renovation. Imagine the time when installers are gone, and you’re left staring at a blank interior canvas. How should you arrange existing furniture? How do you meld existing with new? If new – what size, shape, color? Do you need rugs? Window treatments? How should you hang artwork? Place accessories?

I suggest there’s no better time to answer these questions than when you’re planning the remodel itself. In effect, planning the renovation and the interior design in tandem. Today, tech-savvy renovators almost always include computer renderings as part of the design process. These renderings are fine-tuned over time and ultimately represent an accurate view of the remodeled space. Not only can the renderings serve as a roadmap for the contractor and trades, but also for the designer and client making post-reno plans.

For example, once an open-concept main floor is rendered, electronically insert your existing sofa. Too small? Replace it with a sectional. Tweak its length, depth, height. Enlarge the proposed rug. Turn it 90 degrees. Add a coffee table. Increase its size. Given these “what-if” opportunities, we can often decide early in the renovation process what elements to keep and what to replace; what sizes, shapes and colors work best; what and when to order, so that deliveries are better timed to project completion. These opportunities also help us avoid time and money mistakes, by providing 3-D views of items before actually buying them.

If the interior design plan is executed in concert with the renovation, it’s more likely there will be a smooth transition between the two. Rather than staring at a blank canvas, we can immediately place furniture, hang artwork, install window treatments, place accessories. This is how to obtain the HGTV “wow” factor and the true remodel reveal!

Did You Know…

Renovations by Hearth and Home offers full-service interior design:

  • Renderings
  • Custom furniture
  • Window treatments
  • Paint and wallpaper
  • Rugs
  • Decorative accessories
  • Staging

We have partnerships with some of the best manufacturers, showrooms and workrooms! Check out some of our latest post-reno projects…