A Dream Home Renovation for the Dream Location

You are invited to a public viewing of this amazing whole home renovation.
Viewing includes kitchen, living room, main floor, ensuite and powder room.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017
80 Lott Creek View
Rockyview, AB  T3Z 3V5  (Elbow Valley)

Details of This Home Renovation

1By the time we first spoke with Randy and Val the idea of a home renovation was an idea they were begrudgingly starting to look at. Unfortunately they had endured through bad experiences with home renovation projects in the past and were leery to try another, but they had also just spent more than a year looking for another home they hoped would better meet their needs that they could just move right into. They wanted better space to entertain and a larger, more functional kitchen. They wanted to have a home where family and friends could congregate, a space that was warm and inviting, resilient and timeless with a romantic and elegant ambiance.

They had viewed dozens and dozens of houses, lots of which were beautiful and delivered on all of their wants, except for the one problem Randy and Val couldn’t overcome; they already lived at their dream location. Every place they looked at had a wonderful house but the location wasn’t right or the location would have worked but the house wasn’t right, which is the exact issue they were already trying to solve. Moving was not the solution, a home renovation was.9

Our first consultation started out with Randy and Val telling us they knew they wouldn’t be able to have their dream home but were hoping for at least a couple of things improved and then they could learn to “live with that”. Having to settle isn’t really congruent with dreams, but the longer we talked and the more we heard about what really excited them, we could see the potential in the space unfolding. We both knew they would not have to settle.

We spoke about what the possibilities with a home renovation were, what options were feasible, what would be simple and what would be difficult. They truly knew what they were wanting and it was amazing to see them begin to realize that it was actually possible.
22This became a project where we planned flow and effect. They had given us a vision and every choice made was about reaching that goal. Finishes, fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, trims, lighting; everything was decided on by how it fit the vision. We created a kitchen with 65% more storage in the same footprint and then added a Butlers Pantry with a beverage and serving station creating even more storage and a natural traffic pattern. The whole space was anchored and visually enlarged with a gorgeous hand scraped floor. The island became a piece of furniture and the fireplace cabinetry was matched to it to pull the whole living, dining and kitchen together. We used furnishings and soft design to control flow and accentuate roominess. A custom built, oil rubbed bronze range hood accentuated the high ceilings and created a starting and stopping point for the eye. The bathrooms and bedroom were individualized but all of them still followed the vision.

27Randy and Val now have the home where friends and family can congregate, it’s warm and it’s inviting. The quality speaks to it’s resiliency and timelessness, and it is romantic and elegant, exactly what they had hoped for. The vision for Randy and Val was not just to love their home, but to be “in love” with their home, and that is exactly what they are.

The best thing about a home renovation is being able to create something special for a family.

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