Wallpaper Calgary | They say a coat of paint works wonders on walls. The experts at Renovations by Hearth and Home say paint merely skims the surface of a wall’s true potential. We also say today’s wallcoverings are where it’s at – taking over where paint leaves off. Here are just a few ways we’ve used wallpaper recently to make our clients’ walls come alive.

All Walls

This powder room is our client’s hidden gem. Here, we wallpapered all walls to amp up the energy, pop the black corner vanity and echo the home’s mid-century vibe. Don’t fret over paper being too busy or too dark in these tiny spaces. Instead, embrace the fact that powder rooms can be a little quirky – even irreverent – from a design perspective. Use wallpaper in these spaces to bring out their full potential.


Originating as painted scenes on the walls of churches and other buildings, murals have found new life as wallcoverings. While traditional wallpapers are applied in strips with predictable pattern repeats, murals are applied in strips to create life-sized (or even larger) images with few (if any) repeats. A designer’s dream, murals can be customized by content, color and scale to fit any area. This client’s mural – ordered from the U.K. and sized to fit a dining room wall – mimics the chandelier’s free-form whimsy.


For years, designers have been framing wallpaper and calling it art. But framing one or more mural panels takes this practice to another level. Here, we mounted three mural strips individually in black floating frames to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind triptych that fills this client’s massive living room wall.

Ceiling Treatments

While ceiling treatments are nothing new, papering today’s walls (including the “fifth”) can be done with wallcoverings comprising mica dust, glass beads, metallic threads and other shiny objects. Here, we installed a glitter-infused product for added glam. When the clients turn on their crystal chandelier, this niche really sparkles.

Fireplace Surrounds

The latest gas fireplaces are more designer-friendly than ever, enabling us to clad them in virtually any material – including wood and (you guessed it) wallpaper – up to their clean-line edges. Taking advantage of this unit’s patented Cool Wall System, we wrapped it in a black metallic, Art Deco print that heats up the room as much as the flame itself.

Wall Fractures

Our design team often takes its creative cues from our clients’ surroundings. This master bedroom – with its 14’ ceilings and extraordinary architectural lines – provided the inspiration for a “fractured” wall, comprising a masterful blend of wallpaper, paint and mirror. Because we can electronically render and tweak a complex pattern before actual work begins, the kaleidoscope effect is achieved with little guesswork.

Despite the impact of a fresh coat of paint, it doesn’t have to be the last word on walls. Today’s wallpaper – applied in a myriad of ways – can also speak volumes about you and your design style.

Did You Know…

At Renovations by Hearth and Home, we not only install wallpaper, we help you choose the paper and application best suited to your space, lifestyle and aesthetic. Post remodel, we can add the finishing touches that make your home uniquely yours.