Award-Winning Renovation Company | Our mission at Renovations by Hearth and Home is to redefine spaces for the modern family. We work hard to create the backdrops for daily life; a warm and inviting home for those times when family and friends gather to create memories and celebrate traditions. As a multiple award-winning renovation contractor, Renovations by Hearth and Home knows what it takes to produce premium, award worthy results. We have all the ingredients and expertise needed to elevate the average into the exceptional and provide exemplary results every time. Mixed with a lot of hard work and diligence, here are the essentials a great renovation contractor requires.

Award-Winning Renovation Company | LEADERSHIP

Renovations by Hearth and Home is a multi-generational, family owned business which has been committed to improving Calgary communities for over thirty years.  From the very first day there has been a vision that putting the customer first and foremost, hard work and an unflagging persistence to get things done right would create a foundation that success could be built upon. That vision and the commitment to quality craftsmanship are part of the “DNA” of our company. In every aspect of what we do, from design, to construction, installation and finishing, Renovations by Hearth and Home is committed to complete every home renovation project and service to the same level of excellence. That commitment starts at the top and is reinforced every day through every area and every level of the Renovations by Hearth and Home team.


Having the right people on board is essential. At Renovations by Hearth and Home we expend a tremendous amount of energy and resources on encouraging and training our team members, creating for everyone a framework to learn, grow and excel but we are also always looking outside our walls to add that additional team player that brings their own wealth of experience and expertise; an extra ingredient that challenges us and keeps our thinking fresh. We haven’t become industry leaders in the Calgary Home Renovation market by resting on our laurels. We continue to strive for incremental improvement each and every day. At Renovations by Hearth and Home, we do not have a team with just years of experience and expertise, we have a team with decades of experience and expertise, and that is an asset you can be comfortable to trust and rely on.


One of the most over-looked and under-appreciated essentials for a great result in any home renovation project is the Design and Planning stage. The design and construction experts of Renovations by Hearth and Home work together, right from the very first in-home consultation, in order to make sure that what is planned will be ascetically beautiful, will be functional, will actually be possible, will be enduring, and most importantly, it will be what you want. Not every renovation can be an award-winning renovation but every renovation can be an award-worthy renovation.


Renovations by Hearth and Home has award-winning renovation projects because we have a team that is empowered to do their best at everything. The essential components of every one of our projects are handled by the Renovations by Hearth and Home team of hourly workers. Paying a sub-contractor lump sums to handle the key features of a renovation is the same as punishing them for taking the time to make sure things are done right and to a high standard. We believe the best work comes from craftsmen that are encouraged and supported to do their best everyday; the freedom to work in an environment where pride of workmanship and a desire to create the exceptional is not just encouraged, but mandatory. The journey of an award-winning renovation may start out with a commitment but it’s the assembled team of craftsmen that bring it home.


At Renovations by Hearth and Home we collaborate with our clients to improve and enhance the enjoyment of their homes and compliment their lifestyles. We believe everybody deserves the absolute best that circumstances allow, and our business is based on that commitment. It’s why the customer comes first at every step of our renovation process. From the very beginning we work hard to understand our customers’ needs, wishes and dreams. We are there to understand the parts of their homes that they dislike, what needs to be addressed, what the many possibilities are and then create the plan to make it all happen. There isn’t much that can’t be addressed in a custom home renovation. It just needs to be done in collaboration with a committed home renovation contractor with a track record of proven results.

People want to invest in their homes financially, but they also want to invest with their hearts; creating a space of peace and comfort, a space where traditions are born, a backdrop for happy memories, a safe space at the end of a hard day, a space to enjoy an enhanced lifestyle, and most importantly, a space for friends and family. We want to invest in that experience too. We want to create those spaces for you. We understand how big a commitment it is to entrust your dreams to a renovation contractor. In return for that privilege and honour, we commit to building this relationship based on respect, communication, honesty and a policy where the customers’ needs come first.

The most important aspect of being an award-winning renovation company means our clients can be confident that we know what we are doing.  It shows how hard we work for our customers and it also shows how well we listen, how well we plan, and how well we execute.

While an industry award is cause for celebration, at Renovations by Hearth and Home, we are seeking the ultimate reward with every project we do, a satisfied and happy customer.

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The Renovations by H and H Team