Calgary Home Renovations


Eco-Friendly House Materials in Calgary | Eco-Friendly Renovations: Sustainable Materials for Your Home

Eco-Friendly House Materials in Calgary | When it comes to renovating your home, making eco-friendly choices can significantly impact your carbon footprint, especially in a ...
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Fireplace Renovations Calgary

Fireplace Renovations Calgary | Transforming Your Living Room with Fireplace Upgrades

Fireplace Renovations Calgary | A fireplace often stands as the centrepiece of a living room, radiating not only warmth but also aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s ...
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Home Renovation Companies in Calgary | Maximizing Small Spaces: Clever Storage Solutions for Every Room

Home Renovation Companies | In the bustling city of Calgary, where every square foot counts, transforming your home into a spacious haven can be quite ...
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Calgary Kitchen Reno

Calgary Kitchen Reno | How to Update Your Cabinetry Without Replacing Them

Calgary Kitchen Reno | When it comes to kitchen renovations, one of the first things that might come to mind is ripping out old cabinets ...
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Small Renovations Calgary

Small Renovations Calgary | Six Bright Ideas for Powder Room Lighting

Small Renovations Calgary | Just when you thought the choice of powder room lighting would be an easy one – simply centre a single sconce ...
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Kitchen Renovation Calgary | Three Ingredients to the Perfect Cook’s Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation Calgary | One of our latest clients, a nutritionist and cookbook author, listed three ingredients for her kitchen remodel:  storage, organization and beauty.  ...
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Calgary Renovators | Five Decisions That Can Make or Break Your Reno

Calgary Renovators | “Would have,” “could have,” “should have” – are statement starters we never want our clients to use.  As a result, we work ...
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Calgary Whole Home Renovation

Calgary Kitchen Renos | Three Great Reasons to Replace Your Kitchen’s Corner Walk-In Pantry

Calgary Kitchen Renos | It seems counterintuitive, but removing that 90’s design staple – the dry-walled, walk-in corner pantry – can actually improve your kitchen’s ...
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Calgary Home Renovation Companies | Making the Most of a Mural

Calgary Home Renovation Companies | Calgary wallpaper murals are enjoying a major moment in 2023 Calgary renovations! And given the selection of bold colors and ...
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