Calgary Home Renovation Companies | Making the Most of a Mural

Calgary Home Renovation Companies | Calgary wallpaper murals are enjoying a major moment in 2023 Calgary renovations! And given the selection of bold colors and interesting textures now available, it’s no wonder!  In general, the difference between traditional wallpaper and wallpaper Calgary murals is the pattern. Traditional wallpaper makes a repetitive pattern over multiple panels. Wallpaper murals make a single pattern over multiple panels. If you’ve decided this is the year to embrace the trend, here are a few suggestions to help you make the most of your house renovations mural.

Single Versus Multiple

If you believe less is more, installing a mural on a single Calgary homes wall (rather than over multiple walls) is perfect for maximum impact. There’s no need to spend more time or money than needed – or to overdo a good thing!


If you’ve decided to take the Calgary wallpaper mural plunge – but are still nervous about the results – go with a peel-and-stick option. This way – if you don’t love the results, you can quickly, easily and affordably make a change.

Do it Big

If you’re gonna do it, do it BIG! When possible, choose a tall, unobstructed mural wall. This way, the image can be fully appreciated throughout the room and from a distance. Be mindful, though, that some murals come in maximum heights. If your project feature wall is taller, look for a custom mural that can be ordered at any height (or width) required.

Keep it Short

If you don’t have a completely unobstructed wall, try choosing one with shorter furniture and accessories that don’t detract from the Calgary interior design mural’s impact. If that’s not possible, find a mural with most of the image above the height of the items below it.


If you’re uncertain about subject matter, murals are the perfect opportunity to go “wow.”  Massive inanimate objects, colorful landscapes/cityscapes or scribbles/graffiti are certain to pack a visual punch. Be mindful, however, of your room’s existing look and feel and choose a mural that complements the space.


Calgary wallpaper murals are a big trend for Calgary home renovation companies. Opt for a single mural or peel-and-stick option for maximum impact. Choose a tall, unobstructed wall to appreciate the image fully. Keep furniture and accessories short or find a mural with most of the image above them. Go bold with larger-than-life subjects that complement your Calgary home’s existing look. Embrace the mural trend to transform your space!