Calgary Kitchen Renos | Three Great Reasons to Replace Your Kitchen’s Corner Walk-In Pantry

Calgary Kitchen Renos | It seems counterintuitive, but removing that 90’s design staple – the dry-walled, walk-in corner pantry – can actually improve your kitchen’s overall look and storage capacity. 

Kitchen Renovators Calgary and builders from decades past fashioned these pantries from a few 2x4s, drywall sheets and melamine shelves – a quick and inexpensive way to avoid installing more cabinetry. Over time, these pantries became the norm and were “must-haves” in Calgary homes. However, there’s a more aesthetically pleasing, functional and efficient alternative to the bygone pantry – specifically, upper and lower millwork cabinets. Here’s why you should consider adding them to your Calgary Kitchen Renos wish list:

Overall Aesthetics

Replacing the cavernous drywall pantry with corner upper and lower cabinets visually opens the kitchen, making it appear larger and more spacious. It also adds an element of cohesion to the perimeter cabinetry.

Countertop Usability

New cabinets mean additional wraparound countertop prep space. This contiguous real estate is also perfect for adding an appliance garage to conceal clutter from Calgary Countertops.

Increased Storage

As unbelievable as it might seem for Calgary Interior Design, perhaps the most important benefit of replacing the corner pantry is increased storage. Based simply on appearance, you might think a walk-in pantry offers more space. If, however, you consider that typically only two of the pantries’ interior walls are actually usable, you might rethink this long-held belief. That’s because today’s millwork cabinets provide a myriad of design possibilities that can double – or even triple – storage capacity (as well as efficiency and accessibility) over traditional pantries. For example, lower cabinet full-extension drawers are typically deeper than most pantry shelves, hold more items and provide easier access to them. Other options including blind-corner pull-outs, door/drawer organizers and drawers within drawers also increase storage well beyond what corner pantries offer and can add a tremendous amount of aesthetic to your Kitchen Design Calgary.

In conclusion, when considering Calgary kitchen renovations, replacing the dated corner walk-in pantry with upper and lower millwork cabinets can be a game-changer. It not only enhances the kitchen’s aesthetics and spaciousness but also offers increased countertop usability and significantly improved storage capacity. Modern design trends are clearly pointing towards these cabinets as a superior alternative, making your kitchen renovation a smart and stylish choice.

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