Calgary Renovators | Five Decisions That Can Make or Break Your Reno

Calgary Renovators | “Would have,” “could have,” “should have” – are statement starters we never want our clients to use.  As a result, we work to educate them on making the best reno decisions based on lifestyle, budget, aesthetics and investment protection. During the course of any remodel, there are hundreds of decisions to be made. Some, however, have a greater impact on the overall success of a project. Here are five important decisions that – if made with careful consideration of all the facts – can help you avoid the “would haves,” “could haves” and “should haves.”


As with most building materials today, flooring options abound. Engineered wood, luxury vinyl plank, porcelain tile, sintered stone, carpet. Because flooring lays the visual foundation for all other design decisions, is subject to everyday wear-and-tear and can represent a major budget expense, you need to get it right. While you may love the look of engineered wood, is it worth the investment if you have kids and pets? While you may love the look of ceramic tile, have you considered other softer, warmer alternatives? This decision should be based on both form and function. Both are vitally important – along with budget considerations – to making the final choice.


This is one area where you might decide to cut back, then live to regret it. Particularly if you’re hoping to keep your home and “live in place.” Never underestimate the power of light! It’s best to work in partnership with your renovator and their electrician to determine strategic locations for ambient, accent and task lighting. Then, go from there to select decorative pieces – chandeliers, pendants, sconces, etc. The team can also help you decide on under-cab, inside-cab, toe-kick and motion-sensor lighting.  Ideally, you should “walk” the project with your renovation team to determine the optimal layout for current and future needs.


Quite literally, this decision is over your head! Should you replace popcorn or knock-down ceilings with flat? Your renovator will help you weigh the pros of scraping – including better lighting, updated look and mitigated discolouration/dust collection – 

with the cons of more time, more money and more mess. Overall, this decision ultimately may be based on the fact there will likely never be a better opportunity than the present. In other words, “If not now – when?”.

Doors vs. Drawers

Whether you’re configuring kitchen, dining, bath, office or fireplace cabinetry, the question becomes, “Doors or drawers?”. From a cost perspective, doors (with fixed or adjustable interior shelving) are typically less expensive than soft-close, full-extension drawers, because they require less labour and material to install. That said, today’s trend is toward – you guessed it – drawers! Particularly, three-drawer banks – with one shallow and two deep drawers – which make storing everything from tableware to small appliances – far easier and more accessible than traditional cabinets with doors.  If you first consider how you’ll be using the cabinets, the right decision should follow.

Your Renovator

Possibly the biggest (and most impactful) decision of all – choosing your renovator. If you get this one right, all the others should be easier. When shopping for a company, consider their years in business, professional affiliations, current workload, social media presence, customer reviews, suppliers and employee pool (versus using subcontractors). Also ask about design assistance, 3-D rendering capabilities and whether it’s possible to visit a recent project and/or speak directly to a few clients. This due diligence will help ensure your renovation begins and ends well, and the finished project exceeds your expectations!