Calgary Wallpaper | Wallpaper is more popular than ever!  Gone are the days of your grandmother’s floral patterns (although you can still get those), in favor of on-trend prints, textured materials and graphic patterns that can transform your space.

“Wallpaper is the perfect way to make a room feel unique,” says Lead Interior Designer Dana George.  “People are moving away from the neutral tones of the last decade and giving their homes personality with colorful, textural wall coverings.  that can completely change the look and feel.”

A little wallpaper can go a long way.  “One thing we are finding is that use of wallpaper is far more restrained than our grandmothers’ generation,” says George.  “Paper is being installed strategically and in places that make a statement – not on every wall in every room.  Use wallpaper to define a space, add interest to a focal wall or brighten your space and make it feel bigger. “

And, wallpaper is no longer limited to just your walls.  “More than ever, we’re applying wallpaper as a ceiling treatment. In two of our latest renovations, we’ve installed wallpaper on dining room ceilings,” says George.  “Adding wallpaper above the dining table will help define the eating area, especially if your home is an open concept.”  Other creative ways to use wallpaper are as artwork (either framed or as a mural), on the back of a bookshelf or other furniture, on a closet’s interior or on stair risers.

Papers now come in a wide array of textiles, synthetics and natural fibers.  Silk, cotton, linen, hemp and grass cloth are just some of the options for premium wall coverings.  Eco-friendly bamboo can also be woven into wallpaper.  Like all natural fibers, however,, they can show wear over time and may not be as durable as other papers.  Our design team can help you choose the ideal paper for your space.

Other than look, it’s important to know how your paper will perform.  A child’s room, for example, probably isn’t the space for a delicate textile wall covering.  Taking into account a room’s function will help you pick the best wallpaper. There are now very durable – even scrubbable – products that make it easy to erase marks and scuffs.  In some instances, wallpaper may outlast your paint job.

Finally, always view the wallpaper in the room in which it will hang, and live with it for few days before making a final decision.  See how the paper looks as the light changes throughout the day.  An extra few days in your decorating process is better than months of regret.

Renovations by Hearth and Home works with experienced wallpaper installers.  A professional installer will ensure your walls are prepped properly and that sufficient paper is ordered.“Wallpaper adds so much interest,” says George.  “It’s a beautiful way to transform a space, and today we can to it in a very modern way.  It’s a great design element for any renovation, and we love exploring it with our clients.”