Laundry Room Renovations Calgary | Long gone are the days where a laundry room was hidden in the darkest corner of a basement.  Today, many busy families spend a substantial amount of time doing laundry.  So doesn’t this space deserve a little extra attention? We think so.  And, so do many of our clients.

If you’re looking to renovate your laundry room, consider these questions to get a space that works for you.

Laundry Room Renovations Calgary | How do you want your laundry room to function?

How you wash, dry and fold your laundry will play a role in how you want your space designed.  Will you need space to hang clothes to dry? As you remove items from the dryer will you need space to fold?

Additionally, many laundry rooms serve a dual purpose.  Some laundry rooms will also be a mudroom.  Some will serve as storage for outerwear, sports gear and cleaning supplies.  And then, some laundry rooms will be a place to wash the family pet.

Take into account all your laundry habits, how you use your laundry room and all the functions that space will need to serve.

What kind of appliances will you have?

What appliances you own (or purchase) will affect how your space is designed.  Front loading, top loading or stacked, there are now a broad range of options, with several functions and a variety of colours.

The space you have will also determine which set of appliances work best.   Also consider the limiting factors you may have like the size of your doorways, location of hookups and walls that may impede your machine doors.

How can you make the most of your laundry room?

With the help of Renovations by Hearth and Home, your laundry can be full of luxurious features you may not have thought of.

  • Extra counter space or island for folding and for additional storage.
  • A space for hanging or drying. A sturdy hanging rod for fresh-from-the-dryer clothes or for those that require air-drying.
  • Built-in ironing board saves space, and the convenience can make ironing seem less like a chore.
  • Soaking or utility sink for getting rid of those tough stains or maybe for washing the dog.
  • Built-in hampers concealed behind cabinetry.
  • The addition of a sewing or craft space.

How can you make this space stylish and flow with your home?

The finishing touches can make your laundry room more inviting and less of a place to avoid.  The more visible the space, the more it will warrant a little extra attention.

Your laundry room can also be a space where you have a little more fun with cabinet colour or backsplash.  More than ever, our clients are choosing to customize their cabinetry with a playful colour or bold backsplash – to make a statement.

The flooring selection can be equally as stylish, but it is important that the choice be both water- and slip-resistant.

Your laundry room is an essential component to your home and everyday life.  Taking into consideration your needs, wishes and budget, the team at Renovations by Hearth and Home can create a space that will not only be efficient but enjoyable.