Renomark Calgary | The Calgary Home Renovation industry has never been in better hands. There is a great selection of renovation companies to choose from in Calgary. No matter what type of home transformation you are looking for, there are a multitude of options when selecting a home renovation contractor. Calgary Home Renovators have much to offer, are continuously improving and are consistently raising the bar for performance and quality.

It’s still important though, to remember that not all renovation companies are created equal, so it’s essential to practice your due diligence when choosing who to work with, and that’s where  RenoMark shines.

 RenoMark is a program endorsed and supported by the CHBA (Canadian Home Builders Association) and the CHBA is now in the process of creating a single national governing body for the  RenoMark program. They are stepping up to take on the responsibility of making sure that there are many safe options for the consumer to choose from, that there is a strict set of renovation industry ethics for renovators to follow and that members actually follow them. These are criteria that the consumer can not just use to choose an appropriate renovation contractor but can also be assured that there is an impetus for renovation contractors to provide the best possible service and results. RenoMark was designed and built to provide security to the consumer by policing and monitoring its members and ensuring that strong ethical standards are maintained and adhered to.


The  RenoMark program is not meant to replace the BBB or other rating guides like Homestars or Houzz; it is simply taking it to the next level by introducing industry specific guidelines for companies to follow and setting a standard for performance, service, continued education and innovation. There are many Renovation Companies in Calgary that are motivated to provide the best service, the best products and the best results, and it is the  RenoMark program that’s here to help you find them.

 RenoMark makes it that much easier for consumers to assess companies and it is an excellent resource to help when deciding which Home Renovation Contractor to work with.  RenoMark makes it easier to make good choices and avoid the contractors that break hearts and provide the bad news stories we sometimes hear about in the renovation industry.


 RenoMark believes in building better communities. By creating an association where honesty, strong ethics and industry specific expertise are the gold standards of operation,  RenoMark is providing leadership and setting the bench mark for renovation contractors that want to make a difference in people’s lives.

 RenoMark provides an online pamphlet called “Read Before You Renovate” that offers common sense information to help consumers make the right choice in contractors. It only takes a couple of minutes to read and offers some simple suggestions on what to look for in a Renovation Contractor. It’s a worthwhile tool every consumer should use.

Hearth and Home is grateful to have been in the Calgary home renovation industry for over thirty years. We are a proud member of RenoMark and sincerely value its contribution to the continued improvement of the home renovation industry.

If you are planning a renovation and want to work with a professional renovation contractor, please contact our friendly team today.

-The Renovations by Hearth and Home Team-