Renovation Companies In Calgary | Three Important Design Trends for 2023

Renovation Companies in Calgary | Grey Days are Gone

Renovation Companies In Calgary | Colours are warming up. The consensus of Calgary renovations is that shades of grey are fading and warm neutrals will continue to dominate in 2023.  You’ll see more taupes, tans, beiges and browns in furniture, fabrics and flooring this year in Calgary renovations.  You’ll also see deeper, “cocooning” shades of blue and green on walls and cabinetry.  In general, the colours in Calgary custom renovations are taking on an earthiness that feels warmer and cozier than in recent years.

Renovation Companies in Calgary | Floor/Wall Tiles Are Going Big

Say goodbye to grout lines in Calgary home tile work, because floor and wall tiles are bigger and bolder than ever. Today’s standard 12” x 24” or 24” x 24” porcelain tile is going the way of its 12” x 12” predecessor, in favour of statement-making sizes from 30” x 30” to 60” x 120”.  You’ll see these tiles on floors and walls – used with high-impact as shower walls, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes and range hoods. They may cost more in time and materials, but they also tend to offer greater durability, lower maintenance and fewer grout lines for home renovations in Calgary.

Wallpapers and Murals Are Having a Moment

If walls and ceilings could talk, they’d say go bigger, bolder, brighter! New textures and materials (think mica dust and metallic foils) are helping ensure wallpaper Calgary and murals continue to grow in popularity this year for Calgary interior design.  Particularly murals, where you’ll see more mid-century, Art Deco and biophilic designs. Here’s your chance to feature massive inanimate objects, colourful landscapes/cityscapes or scribbles/graffiti that pack a real visual punch into Calgary custom renovations.