Renovation In Calgary | Another one of the stunningly beautiful home renovations revealed from the team at Renovations by Hearth and Home. This was a true collaborative approach with the clients; a six-month, on time, and on budget renovation of a large two-story home in Calgary’s Wentwillow Estates turned out results that the homeowners “never thought possible”.  

This entire 3400 SF home renovations process started when the homeowners changed their master bedroom linens. Realizing their home needed more of an update than just bedding, they contacted the team at Renovations by Hearth and Home for help. “They guided us through the whole renovation. We trusted their process, and it worked very well. They focused in on what we wanted early on, so we never wasted time looking at things needlessly.”

The beginning point for this home renovations project started at the front door and encompassed three bedrooms, kitchen, pantry, laundry room, den and three baths. Some of the many highlights of this remodel include a reimagined chef’s kitchen, a walk through butler’s pantry, spa-like ensuite, as well as custom draperies, furnishings and décor.

Home renovations can be a daunting process and it can have setbacks. Our clients were quick to point out how the Renovations by Hearth and Home team quickly and competently provided solutions addressing each and every issue. “Whenever there was a problem, instead of them (Renovations by Hearth and Home) being flustered or defensive, they would just create a solution and a plan of action to make it better. They would have never left us with something we weren’t happy with,” says the homeowner. “Their service made the job so successful.”

When planning is done right, home renovations come with welcome “surprises” as well. “For 10 years, our living room was not functional,” says our client. “We never sat (in our living room) and we weren’t sure we ever would. It wasn’t an inviting space; it just didn’t suit our family at all. We knew we needed to update it with the rest of the home but we didn’t expect how incredible the change was going to be.”  The design team at Renovations by Hearth and Home created a dramatic new focal point in the living room with an amazing feature fireplace and surround. The lead interior designer then used custom furnishings, window treatments, décor and art to complete the profound change and to balance the warm inviting area the clients always wanted. A room that was once an afterthought is now the primary space used for entertaining as well as a place for the family to unwind. “This is now our favourite room,” says the homeowner. “We absolutely love it!”

As our client points out, this home renovations process was a true “partnership” with Renovations by Hearth and Home. “We knew we wanted upgrades,” says the homeowner, but never imagined how starting with new bed linens could transform their home into such an extraordinary living space.

To get started on the Home Renovations that will transform your home today, call the expert team at Renovations by Hearth and Home.

-The Renovations by Hearth and Home Team-