Vinyl Plank Flooring Calgary | If you love the look of real hardwood flooring but find it difficult to justify the cost, there’s an option growing in popularity – vinyl plank flooring (VPF). The product offering has become so broad and well crafted, you often can’t tell the difference between it and actual wood .  VPF can be found in a number of styles that resemble – and even “feel” like – oak, hickory, maple and other wood species.  However, cost is just one of the benefits of this type of flooring.  Here are a few others:

Vinyl Plank Flooring Calgary | Durability

Luxury vinyl plank can last more than 20 years in a residential setting.  Originally developed for commercial use, VPF has found a new target market in homeowners looking for both beauty and durability in their flooring.

Vinyl plank is the perfect choice where moisture may be an issue, – like the kitchen, bathroom or laundry.  When installed correctly, homeowners can rest easy that leaks and spills will not affect their flooring, because it’s basically water-resistant.

It’s also far more resistant to scratching and staining.  “We believe vinyl plank is the perfect option for families with young children or pets,” says Tim Snow, Construction Manager at Renovations by Hearth and Home.  “This a high-performance product that is surprisingly beautiful.”

Moreover, VPF is easy to clean and maintain. After a spill, a quick sponge or mop will clean this product.  “Natural materials can stain or break down with normal wear and tear, but this product doesn’t have either of these issues,” says Snow.

Easy Installation

Vinyl Plank Flooring can be easier to install.  The preparation of the subfloor is relatively simple.  In fact, VPF can often be laid directly over any subfloor or even the existing floor itself.  So long as the surface is generally level, VPF can be applied directly over top.  Easier installation means less labour costs for the budget-conscious.  Renovations by Hearth and Home has the qualified trades to properly prep your subfloor and guarantee proper installation.

Cost Effective

As discussed earlier, perhaps the biggest “pro” to a vinyl flooring option is its cost effectiveness.  There are many price options when it comes to VPF, and there will be one to suit any budget.  “It’s nice to know you don’t have to sacrifice style for budget,” says Lead Interior Designer Dana George.  “The range of product offerings is making vinyl plank flooring a real contender in all our renovations, from entry level to luxury homes.”

That’s not to say Vinyl Plank Flooring is not without it’s drawbacks.  Here are some “cons” to consider when looking at VPF.

Environmental Concerns

Because of its construction, VPF can release volatile organic compounds(VOCs). VOCs are organic compounds released naturally by plants.  However, VOCs released inside your home – in some cases – can be detrimental to your health. Today, the majority of products follow industry guidelines for  low-VOC compliance.  So yes, VPF is safe; just ensure you install product that meets industry-standard VOC certification.

Resale Value

There is widespread industry belief that hardwood flooring will add to the resalevalue of your home.  In addition, real estate statistics do support the fact that homes with hardwood floors do sell faster.  Nevertheless, if you’re not planning on selling your home in the foreseeable future, this isn’t an issue.

In the end, the advantages of vinyl plank flooring significantly outweigh the drawbacks, which is probably why so many home renovators are making it their flooring of choice.  However, deciding what to buy for your home is really a personal choice only you can make.  It’s important to choose the solution that’s right for you and your needs.

Looking to renovate and update your home’s flooring?  Call us today to discuss VPF – and all your flooring options..